Planning A BR Remodel

Planning A Bathroom Remodel

The two best parts of a kitchen remodel are the planning stage, and the completion. If you plan well, the middle stage won't be so bad either. Use this guide to help you finalize your vision for your kitchen with a qualified contractor who can bring your vision to life.

Planning A Kitchen Remodel

Preparing for Mold Remediation

The two best parts of a kitchen remodel are the planning stage, and the completion. If you plan well, the middle stage won't be so bad either. Use this guide to help you finalize your vision for your kitchen with a qualified contractor who can bring your vision to life.

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What to Do After a House Fire

This article is written for those who have just experienced a fire and therefore assumes you have already safely evacuated the building. It's important now that you stay out of the building and do not re-enter until firefighters give the OK.

Check for signs of structural damage before entering the building. After verifying that there is no immediate danger of collapse, use a flashlight when inspecting damage in your home at night because smoking remains are often not visible after dark even if they are smoldering.

If possible, turn off electrical power and gas service to the building until an inspection can be made by utility company personnel.

The water used to put out the fire is very often more damaging to your home than the fire itself.  Before cleaning, check any wet items for evidence of fire-related damage such as soot, charring, or cracked glass on a light switch or plug that was near water. If you discover any of these signs then it is recommended that the item should not be used until a certified restoration service has evaluated it.

It is best to leave the wet items untouched in the house until professional help arrives. Not doing so can cause further damage to your home that may not be covered by fire insurance.

While you are waiting for restoration professionals, make a list of all damaged items in your home and create an inventory with photographs if possible. This list will be very helpful when filing a claim with your insurance. Ideally, you've done a video walkthrough of your valuables prior to a house fire. (Tell your family and friends to walk through their homes, rotate valuable items to show brand markings and serial numbers, etc, wherever possible to simplify future claims processes.)

After even a minor fire, it is important to have a remediation company out to the house to handle the water, smoke, and fire damage in your home. The sooner you address this, the more you will be able to save. Like any water or mold disaster, don't move items from room to room. You could potentially spread mold into additional areas of the home.

We work closely with some of the best remediation companies around. Call us for a referral. Once your items have been remediated - it's time to rebuild.

What Kind of Damage Can You Expect From a Burned House?

The damage caused by a house fire is determined by what surfaces come in contact with the hot gases and flames. Damage to some materials can be repaired while others must be discarded. Water and Smoke Damage can extend far beyond the site of the initial fire.

Damage from a house fire will vary depending on:

The type of material involved, how long it was exposed to the heat and flames, where objects are located in a room or building, the presence of burning material such as mattresses which may melt certain furniture finishes, and equipment that have been known to contribute to fires such as electrical appliances, smoking materials, and high-intensity light bulbs.

Restoration may be as simple as drywall replacement or extend to your flooring, walls, structural features, etc.

Rebuilding After a Fire:

Our team here at Green Restoration & Reconstruction is able to quickly provide you with a detailed professional estimate. We are extremely well-versed in working with insurance companies to secure sufficient funds for the project at hand. Rapid turnaround is a core tenant of our business model. It is our purpose to get your family back to pre-fire and pre-loss conditions both as safely and as efficiently as possible.


What to Do When a Tree Falls On Your House

When a tree first falls on your house, it can be a pretty scary experience. With luck, no one in your family is harmed. But the emotional pain of seeing your home damaged by a tree can be great. What follows can be just as stressful. That's why the team at Green Restoration & Reconstruction would like to prepare you for what to expect, and if necessary, work with you and your insurance company to restore your property back to pre-loss conditions.

First, immediately evacuate the house.

If you're near the house when it falls, be careful. There could still be live electric lines or structural damage nearby that can injure or kill you if not handled carefully. Do not let children or anyone approach the area before professionals give you the green light. Gas lines may also have been damaged in the fall, which could result in fire or explosion and structural damage may cause additional parts of the house to cave in.

Nothing is more important than getting your family safely out of the house. Once everyone is out of the house and safe, you want to contact your insurance company.  You may want to hire a public adjuster to assess the damage as well, as they are financially motivated to be more detail-oriented in their assessment of the situation.

A professional arborist should be employed to remove the tree. Be sure the tree service has good reviews, is comfortable working with insurance companies, and has sufficient insurance themselves. Beware of ghost insurance policies that don't cover all of the tree company's employees.

Once the tree has been removed, it's important to restore your home to pre-loss conditions as quickly as possible. A common mistake homeowners make is to hire their favorite non-emergency contractor. Some contractors are absolutely excellent at what they do but don't necessarily have the experience working with insurance restoration claims to work efficiently with the insurance companies throughout the process, and often have other large work scheduled that pulls their attention away.

With Green Restoration & Reconstruction, quickly responding to emergency reconstruction calls is our specialty. It is our mission to get your family safely back into your home.

Here are some examples of what can happen when a tree falls on your house:

The weight of the tree can push siding or shingles off, exposing insulation or framing that's not meant to be visible. Materials like this must be replaced with matching materials in order for an insurance claim to payout. If the tree falls on your roof or gutters, they will be destroyed, necessitating either repair or replacement by an insurance claim.

Windows or doors near the fall site may be damaged and require replacement. In some cases, wiring or piping may need replacing near the damage site. Chimneys and vents may be damaged and in need of replacement or repair. In extreme cases, an entire section of the house may need to be rebuilt, and the foundation may even be affected.

Our team at Green Restoration and Reconstruction can assist you in the restoration process, no matter how minor or extensive the damage is.

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How to Tell if There is Structural Damage from a Storm

When storms strike, they can do a lot of damage to your property. Storms have been known to cause significant structural damage from flooding and wind damage. Storms may also lead to fire from lightning strikes and electrical malfunctions, which can cause further problems for your home and family. If you notice signs of structural damage after a storm has passed, it is crucial that you take the problem seriously and call the team at Green Restoration & Reconstruction as soon as possible. Storms can break your home, but they do not have to destroy it.

The first thing to know about storm damage repairs is how to tell if there really is a problem at all. There are a few ways that storms can cause major issues for your home. Storm damage can cause flooding, whether it is from torrential rain or broken pipes, which may lead to water damage and mold if not dealt with quickly. Storms can also wreak havoc on your roofing system, leading to leaks and holes that could pose a hazard for your home. Storms can even cause electrical problems, such as short circuits and malfunctions that can lead to a fire. Storm damage may be a bit more obvious if there is a huge hole in your roof or a lightning bolt through your living room, but the earlier these problems are addressed, the better for everyone involved. Storms don't always show their face as obviously as tornadoes and hurricanes do, so it can be more difficult to detect storm damage on your property.

Signs of Structural Damage

The signs of storm damage are important to know. If you are unsure about whether or not your home has storm damage, there are a few things to look for that could indicate structural damage. Storm damage can cause cracks in walls, ceilings, and floors if it causes shifting of the foundation. Storms can also bring high winds that lead to siding damage on your exterior walls or shingles.

Signs your foundation has been compromised include:

  • Cracks in the floors and walls around doorframes, windows, or staircases.
  • Cracks in your foundation (horizontal cracks are the most dangerous)
  • Holes or cracks in walls or floors.
  • Your home is shifting from its originMissing shingles

Signs your roof has been compromised include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Blistering, softening, or other signs of rotting wood.
  • A shift in the pitch of your roof.
  • Water leakage inside your home near the chimney and vents.

Signs your Drainage System has been compromised include:

  • Water coming up through your basement floor
  • Water coming in through the walls
  • Leaks inside your home.

The good news about storm damage is that it can be fixed. Storm damage may have caused structural issues, but it does not have to affect the integrity of your home. Storms are just one of the things that Green Restoration & Reconstruction excel at handling. We understand how important your family is to you, and we know that any kind of damage to your home can cause a lot of extra stress. Storm damage may not always be obvious, but the earlier you catch it, the easier it will be to fix.

If you notice any signs of storm damage on your property, contact Green Restoration & Reconstruction as soon as possible. Storms don't have to destroy your home if they're caught early enough. If left unaddressed, storm damage can cause even more problems for you and your family. Storms may bring rain, but we'll bring the sunshine back to your home.

Storm damage is a stressful experience, and we understand that it can bring up a lot of questions about your home. If you notice storm damage or have already been informed by your insurance company that there may be storm damage, reach out to Green Restoration & Reconstruction as soon as possible. Our team will work with your insurance company to get the repairs you need and to restore your home to pre-loss conditions.


How to Prepare for Mold Remediation

Here at Green Restoration, we come in after the remediation crew has cleared out the problem and work with your insurance company to make your space look new. We can put you in touch with the best remediation crews in the area. But before facing a mold remediation project, consider the following.

How Does Mold Remediation Work?

Contrary to what the internet might have you believe, mold removal is very rarely a DIY project. Mold can be hidden behind sheetrock, under flooring, inside walls, and in crawl spaces. It is usually hidden until it makes itself known as a visible spot (or spots) on the wall or ceiling. Mold removal should always be left to the pros.
Most professionals who do mold remediation carry commercial-grade air movers and air scrubbers and use HEPA vacuums.  They will strategically place fans to move around the air in your space as well as fogging machines (foggers look like a water hose with a machine attached) that emit antimicrobial agents into the problem area.

The goal is to get the mold spores active and airborne so that they can be removed by the machines. Depending on how bad the problem is, mold remediation may include the removal of sheetrock, flooring, ceiling tiles, or even cabinetry.

How to Prepare for Mold Remediation

  1. Do not touch it!
    As is the case with most types of remediation, the first order of business is to leave everything alone. Anything you've touched may have to be discarded so wear gloves and don't forget your respirator mask. Unless instructed otherwise by the remediation crew, do not enter the area until after they have completed the project. Moving items out of the area could spread the mold further.
  2. Don't turn on fans.
    It may seem logical to use a fan to air out a moldy space, to dry the water causing the problem. However, fans - when not used by qualified remediation specialists, are more likely to spread the mold spores throughout the house. (I've seen one situation where a mattress had gotten wet in one room causing mold in that space. The homeowner used a fan to air out the room and spread the mold throughout the entire house in just two days.)
  3. Wait for the green light.
    Remediation is a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. So let them do their work and give the area at least 24 hours before you return to assess the damage and clean up any residual mold or mildew.
  4. Call Green Restoration & Reconstruction to Rebuild Your Space.
    Time For Restoration & Reconstruction

The goal of restoration construction is to clean and restore your home to its pre-loss condition. Green Restoration & Reconstruction will work with your insurance adjuster to determine what items can be saved, restored, and/or replaced. The first step in any loss recovery process is mitigation which includes extraction, removal of damaged materials, and drying the structure as quickly as possible. Our team has recovered from hundreds of losses so we have seen it all when it comes to dealing with flooded homes and businesses.

We have the experience needed to handle everything from full-scale commercial properties down to smaller residential jobs.

Our team specializes in restorative construction, especially following water, fire, or storm-related disaster. We know how to prevent additional problems. We work with your insurance company every step of the way, filling out all required paperwork in a timely manner, and we move quickly to get your life back to normal.

Our assistance helps you to expedite the claims process and get the restoration results you need as fast as possible.


Deck Addition or Remodel to Home

The home you buy may already have a deck, oftentimes it doesn’t.  With Green Reconstruction and Remodeling, either way, you can get the deck that you have dreamed about.  If you have a view and are unable to enjoy it, a deck can remedy that as it can sit at the top level of the home. Or you may have a deck too small for your needs, we can fix that.  Or a home may be sold with renovations left undone.  If you bought a house with a second-story door to nowhere, this might be an idea to create a mini-deck and resolve the door problem. Creating both a private getaway and solving a safety issue at the same time. The variations that can be done with a deck remodel are endless.

A deck adds to the resale value of your home, it has the highest resale value of nearly all home renovations.

Advantages to a deck:

  • A deck can be built on any type of land, even if it is uneven.
  • There are many composite materials that afford a longer deck life span.  A wooden deck can last for years if properly maintained.
  • The deck will add useable space to your home and property.

With additional space from a deck, the possibilities for hosting parties and enjoying all the seasons increases. There are so many stains and colors available you are sure to find one that complements your home space.

Here at Green Reconstruction and Remodeling, we can advise you on the best materials to provide lasting wear; as well as length and width for your deck to fit the family’s needs.  We will work with you and your budget to produce the best deck for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.



Bonus Room Renovation

Whether is it called the bonus room or simply an extra room, we at Greens Reconstruction and Renovation can help make it into an asset for your family. There are ideas for all sizes of rooms and with some thought on the functionality and purpose for who will be using it, you can turn previously unused space into a room that fills a need in the home.

Sometimes a room referred to as a ‘bonus room’ is one that has no outlets, windows, or closet. In New Jersey, in order for a room to be considered a bedroom, it must have a window, door and closet and outlets as well. The bonus room may have a slant in the ceiling or be a little low. Depending on the size of the bonus room and your imagination we can help create a room that meets the needs of your family.

A small bonus room idea that makes the most of the available space could include built-in bookshelves and recessed lighting. Both serve to free up floor space for games and other activities. Using neutral color palettes helps a room look larger and the impact would be improved by natural light through an installed window if there is no one there. Using a striped rug will make the room look larger. In fact, you may be surprised at how well you can turn a relatively small room into a combination gym, and home office. Some decor ideas may not work if you have a very small bonus room, but you can also do a lot to maximize the extra space you have found.

For larger bonus room spaces, perhaps, your dream bonus room is a home theater. Smart technology has made it possible to achieve an at-home theater experience that rivals your local cinema, as well as creating the right acoustics and ambiance.

A bonus room playroom is ideal for a family with children.

  • A built-in stage for playacting
  • Chalkboard wall for drawing.
  • Installed closets or bookcases for toys.
  • As children grow so could the room for gaming or studying.

Depending on where the bonus room is in the home, sometimes there is no possibility of an actual window. An illusion of a window can be created which increases the sense of space in the room. A media room can be a useful, one that includes banks where phones, tablets and laptops would be centrally located. A couple of desks and a designated nook for reading, and now there is a place for books as well as media.

As you can see, there are many possibilities to a bonus room that can benefit your family, let us help. Whatever your vision is, we can help bring it to life and make it a reality. At Green Reconstruction and Renovation, we have the expertise and professionalism to work within your budget to turn your bonus room into useful space for your family.


The Bathroom Remodel

Thinking of remodeling a bathroom, Green Restoration and Reconstruction can help guide you. Whether it is a major overhaul of the guest bathroom or making a bathroom more child friendly, our company wants to work with you to achieve the bathroom that works best for your family.

Bathrooms are one of the most heavily used in the home, and over time things can break down. Broken tile, and leaky faucets, as well as poor lighting can contribute to the desire for an upgrade. Bathroom upgrades add significantly to the value of a home when sold. That said, wouldn’t it be even better to get to use those upgrades for you and your family members now?

At Green Restoration and Reconstruction, we listen to what your ideas are, what your budget is and work within it to give your bathroom the lighting, cabinetry, tile as well as bathroom and toilet fixtures that make this room better. The options are endless, dependent on your budget and needs. Sometimes the tile needs replacing, or the towel racks are in the wrong location. Some people cannot see a bathroom without a tub as well as a shower and others, don’t need the tub at all. Depending on the size of your family and how the bathroom is used, you may want a total remodel which generally takes one to four weeks. We have designers that will help you design and plan out the remodel and order the parts necessary. Maybe you just need a few upgrades for issues like a leaky showerhead, broken tiles, or dim lighting; we can replace what is broken from cabinets to plumbing needs.

The wonderful accents available for bathroom remodeling today extend from recessed lighting to unobtrusive medicine cabinets, to toilets designed to save on water; and bathroom tiles that are easy to clean using grouts that resist mold, humidity, and stains. Colors are an option as well, either for the tub or shower, and tiles, cabinets, and flooring. Adding lighting to the interior of a shower can give one a better sense of safety. Bathrooms need a vent or sometimes even a window to release the moist, warm air that permeates them. Vents can be installed unobtrusively without the often-clanging noise that is the sign of an older vent system.

As you are thinking of what can make your bathroom better in functionality and even comfort, give Green Restoration and Reconstruction a call for all your bathroom remodeling questions.


Other Winter Hazards to Consider

Winter in the greater New Jersey area, brings with it special circumstances when it comes to the vulnerabilities of your home, from flashing on your chimney to the frames of your doors.

When temperatures drop below freezing, moisture in the soil beneath a home freezes and expand. This expansion causes lateral pressure to the foundation above it and causes an upheaval movement. This movement can cause cracks in the walls, floors, and ceilings, which can lead to further damage.

Winter Hazards to Consider:

The windows and doorways which keep winter outside your door, have their own set of issues:

  • Fluctuations in winter temperature cause caulk to pull away from windows, which in turn creates drafts that let warm air out and cold air in.
  • Your doors when exposed to wintry conditions after a harsh winter often need to be shimmed.
  • The frames around your doors can grow soft and damp, which can lead to wood rot and a welcome mat to termites in the spring.  If the damage to the frame is extensive consider replacing the entire door frame.

The chimney can present particular issues, among them:

  • The bricks of your chimney expand and contract during daily winter temperature fluctuations, this can lead to displaced bricks.
  • Flashing, the metal sheet where the chimney and roof meet does not always adhere to the roof properly which means water and ice can leak into it and then your home.
  • The displaced bricks of your chimney can lead to a pest problem, like mice, rats, and other outside vermin will always seek warmth, shelter, and food.  And rodents will chew wires as well as insulation.

Though most decks are built to withstand the elements if your deck is not weather coated correctly:

  • Winter moisture is a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  • Moisture leaching can cause discoloration of your deck.

After assessing the damages, you want to talk to a company that knows how to make your home whole. You want a company that knows how to talk to your insurance company about reconstruction services as well as a company that will listen to YOU for how you want the remodel to go. Green Restoration and Reconstruction is the company for you. They have years of experience in remodeling and expertise in dealing with the parameters of what is your insurance and staying within budget.

Being prepared for the worst is being proactive against it. Having the right insurance coverage and the right team to assist in making things right again is peace of mind worth having.  Green Reconstruction and Remodeling is the right company for your family to make the worst of times better.