Ice Hazards

Ice brings with it a different set of issues, some very hazardous to your home. As winter comes to be upon us, there will be more weather reports concerning snow. And depending on temperature, wrapped into snowstorms there are concerns for sleet, freezing rain or ice. When you can hear the snow, it is no longer snow. While sleet is made up of pellets that will bounce off a surface, freezing rain will form a solid sheet of ice, making it the more dangerous of the two.

Effects of ice on your home:

  • Yes, icicles look pretty dangling from your home. The weight of these ice formations can rip the gutters off your house! As well as damage your shingles.  So, remember to clear off the icicles and check your shingles after a storm.
  • Ice can freeze and melt and refreeze several times during the cold weather, depending on temperature and how warm your roof gets.  This can damage your drywall and plaster, as well as seepage into your attic causing water-stained ceilings.
  • Ice dams occur when your gutters get overwhelmed with ice.  An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas.
  • Ice forming on your roof can cause serious problems.   A roof collapse can happen when a roof cannot bear the weight of ice and snow.
  • The bricks of the chimney expand and contract during daily winter temperature fluctuations. And water can get underneath the chimney flashing.   Water gets behind the mortar and flashing causing it to freeze, which leads it to fail after the inevitable thaw.

The roof is not the only cause for concern regarding ice hazard issues. Ice can damage your foundation due to the frost heave cycle: when the ground freezes and then ultimately melts again. The frost heave cycle can result in the soil shifting and moving under your home’s concrete foundation, causing cracks and other damage. While trees are great for shade in the summer, ice covered limbs can easily prove a hazard not only to power lines but to possible damage if a large limb falls on your home or siding.

After assessing the damages, you want to talk to a company that knows how to make your home whole. You want a company that knows how to talk to your insurance company about reconstruction services as well as a company that will listen to YOU for how you want the remodel to go. Green Restoration and Reconstruction is the company for you.  They have years of experience in remodeling and expertise in dealing with the parameters of what is your insurance and staying within budget.

Being prepared for the worst is being proactive against it. Having the right insurance coverage and the right team to assist in making things right again is peace of mind worth having.  Green Reconstruction and Remodeling is the right company for your family to make the worst of times better.


Basement Remodel Advantages

There are so many reasons for a basement remodel that sounds right, right about now. It could be the obvious, as even after the water damage from a leaking hot water heater was repaired, the floor was damaged beyond repair. If you are going to replace the flooring, why not the rest of it as well. Or wild wind damage whacked a good size hole where none existed before. It could be something as simply as when spending more time at home, what can be done to this space to better accommodate us as a family? Everyone who owns a home has the long to-do-list or the when-we-get-to-it-list. Now can be the time to get something off the list before it grows again, and as it often does.

Taking into account your vision, your budget and the size of the space, Green Restoration and Reconstruction can make your basement into:

  • A game room for the children.
  • The entertainment center for the whole family.
  • The entertainment center for the whole family.
  • The functional home office with a kitchen.

The benefit beyond the comfort of your family, is that a well-done basement remodel can add a significant value to your home. A finished basement, on average, gives you a 75% return on your investment. Instead of a bonus room, you will have a finished room!

Working with our professional team means that you have nothing to worry about; we walk you through the process, so you know what is planned and what you are paying for.

The four critical stages of a basement remodel:

  • Design / Layout
  • Framing Stage / HVAC Stage
  • Installation /Drywalling Stage
  • Hardware/Flooring Stage

Through each of these steps we guide you and answer all your concerns and questions.


We can complete your living space with many customized features including bathrooms, wet bars, entertainment centers, desk and computer units and cedar closets. If you have preferences in building materials, lighting fixtures etc. please feel free to discuss them with us during your consultation.

We want to work with you to give your space and your family the basement remodel that best serves your needs. Call Green Restoration and Reconstruction to get started.