The home you buy may already have a deck, oftentimes it doesn’t.  With Green Reconstruction and Remodeling, either way, you can get the deck that you have dreamed about.  If you have a view and are unable to enjoy it, a deck can remedy that as it can sit at the top level of the home. Or you may have a deck too small for your needs, we can fix that.  Or a home may be sold with renovations left undone.  If you bought a house with a second-story door to nowhere, this might be an idea to create a mini-deck and resolve the door problem. Creating both a private getaway and solving a safety issue at the same time. The variations that can be done with a deck remodel are endless.

A deck adds to the resale value of your home, it has the highest resale value of nearly all home renovations.

Advantages to a deck:

  • A deck can be built on any type of land, even if it is uneven.
  • There are many composite materials that afford a longer deck life span.  A wooden deck can last for years if properly maintained.
  • The deck will add useable space to your home and property.

With additional space from a deck, the possibilities for hosting parties and enjoying all the seasons increases. There are so many stains and colors available you are sure to find one that complements your home space.

Here at Green Reconstruction and Remodeling, we can advise you on the best materials to provide lasting wear; as well as length and width for your deck to fit the family’s needs.  We will work with you and your budget to produce the best deck for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.