Thinking of remodeling a bathroom, Green Restoration and Reconstruction can help guide you. Whether it is a major overhaul of the guest bathroom or making a bathroom more child friendly, our company wants to work with you to achieve the bathroom that works best for your family.

Bathrooms are one of the most heavily used in the home, and over time things can break down. Broken tile, and leaky faucets, as well as poor lighting can contribute to the desire for an upgrade. Bathroom upgrades add significantly to the value of a home when sold. That said, wouldn’t it be even better to get to use those upgrades for you and your family members now?

At Green Restoration and Reconstruction, we listen to what your ideas are, what your budget is and work within it to give your bathroom the lighting, cabinetry, tile as well as bathroom and toilet fixtures that make this room better. The options are endless, dependent on your budget and needs. Sometimes the tile needs replacing, or the towel racks are in the wrong location. Some people cannot see a bathroom without a tub as well as a shower and others, don’t need the tub at all. Depending on the size of your family and how the bathroom is used, you may want a total remodel which generally takes one to four weeks. We have designers that will help you design and plan out the remodel and order the parts necessary. Maybe you just need a few upgrades for issues like a leaky showerhead, broken tiles, or dim lighting; we can replace what is broken from cabinets to plumbing needs.

The wonderful accents available for bathroom remodeling today extend from recessed lighting to unobtrusive medicine cabinets, to toilets designed to save on water; and bathroom tiles that are easy to clean using grouts that resist mold, humidity, and stains. Colors are an option as well, either for the tub or shower, and tiles, cabinets, and flooring. Adding lighting to the interior of a shower can give one a better sense of safety. Bathrooms need a vent or sometimes even a window to release the moist, warm air that permeates them. Vents can be installed unobtrusively without the often-clanging noise that is the sign of an older vent system.

As you are thinking of what can make your bathroom better in functionality and even comfort, give Green Restoration and Reconstruction a call for all your bathroom remodeling questions.