Whether is it called the bonus room or simply an extra room, we at Greens Reconstruction and Renovation can help make it into an asset for your family. There are ideas for all sizes of rooms and with some thought on the functionality and purpose for who will be using it, you can turn previously unused space into a room that fills a need in the home.

Sometimes a room referred to as a ‘bonus room’ is one that has no outlets, windows, or closet. In New Jersey, in order for a room to be considered a bedroom, it must have a window, door and closet and outlets as well. The bonus room may have a slant in the ceiling or be a little low. Depending on the size of the bonus room and your imagination we can help create a room that meets the needs of your family.

A small bonus room idea that makes the most of the available space could include built-in bookshelves and recessed lighting. Both serve to free up floor space for games and other activities. Using neutral color palettes helps a room look larger and the impact would be improved by natural light through an installed window if there is no one there. Using a striped rug will make the room look larger. In fact, you may be surprised at how well you can turn a relatively small room into a combination gym, and home office. Some decor ideas may not work if you have a very small bonus room, but you can also do a lot to maximize the extra space you have found.

For larger bonus room spaces, perhaps, your dream bonus room is a home theater. Smart technology has made it possible to achieve an at-home theater experience that rivals your local cinema, as well as creating the right acoustics and ambiance.

A bonus room playroom is ideal for a family with children.

  • A built-in stage for playacting
  • Chalkboard wall for drawing.
  • Installed closets or bookcases for toys.
  • As children grow so could the room for gaming or studying.

Depending on where the bonus room is in the home, sometimes there is no possibility of an actual window. An illusion of a window can be created which increases the sense of space in the room. A media room can be a useful, one that includes banks where phones, tablets and laptops would be centrally located. A couple of desks and a designated nook for reading, and now there is a place for books as well as media.

As you can see, there are many possibilities to a bonus room that can benefit your family, let us help. Whatever your vision is, we can help bring it to life and make it a reality. At Green Reconstruction and Renovation, we have the expertise and professionalism to work within your budget to turn your bonus room into useful space for your family.