Winter in the greater New Jersey area, brings with it special circumstances when it comes to the vulnerabilities of your home, from flashing on your chimney to the frames of your doors.

When temperatures drop below freezing, moisture in the soil beneath a home freezes and expand. This expansion causes lateral pressure to the foundation above it and causes an upheaval movement. This movement can cause cracks in the walls, floors, and ceilings, which can lead to further damage.

Winter Hazards to Consider:

The windows and doorways which keep winter outside your door, have their own set of issues:

  • Fluctuations in winter temperature cause caulk to pull away from windows, which in turn creates drafts that let warm air out and cold air in.
  • Your doors when exposed to wintry conditions after a harsh winter often need to be shimmed.
  • The frames around your doors can grow soft and damp, which can lead to wood rot and a welcome mat to termites in the spring.  If the damage to the frame is extensive consider replacing the entire door frame.

The chimney can present particular issues, among them:

  • The bricks of your chimney expand and contract during daily winter temperature fluctuations, this can lead to displaced bricks.
  • Flashing, the metal sheet where the chimney and roof meet does not always adhere to the roof properly which means water and ice can leak into it and then your home.
  • The displaced bricks of your chimney can lead to a pest problem, like mice, rats, and other outside vermin will always seek warmth, shelter, and food.  And rodents will chew wires as well as insulation.

Though most decks are built to withstand the elements if your deck is not weather coated correctly:

  • Winter moisture is a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  • Moisture leaching can cause discoloration of your deck.

After assessing the damages, you want to talk to a company that knows how to make your home whole. You want a company that knows how to talk to your insurance company about reconstruction services as well as a company that will listen to YOU for how you want the remodel to go. Green Restoration and Reconstruction is the company for you. They have years of experience in remodeling and expertise in dealing with the parameters of what is your insurance and staying within budget.

Being prepared for the worst is being proactive against it. Having the right insurance coverage and the right team to assist in making things right again is peace of mind worth having.  Green Reconstruction and Remodeling is the right company for your family to make the worst of times better.