The causes for a fire are often beyond our control, whether it is a lightning strike, or a behind the wall fire or fire related to flammable or combustible liquids. A fire is caused by three elements:

  • Heat – From a hot stovetop burner, an unattended lit cigarette, or the spark from a worn electrical wire.
  • Fuel – Nearly everything in your home can be fuel for a fire, from drapes to carpets, to furniture. When fire burns it ‘warms’ up other items which then are easier to burn.
  • Oxygen – The oxygen in the air fuels the fire.

Heat, fuel, and oxygen all act together to produce a fire incident. Fire will continue until the fuel sources are gone. Additional fire damages are the chemical and thermal irritants thrown into the air because of the fire. Carbon monoxide is a result of incompletely burned fuel like gasoline, wood, or oil. Some signs of poisonings are dizziness, weakness, and confusion. Smoke inhalation is another hazard. Getting out of a fire situation is paramount for your health and safety.

After the fire, no matter the size of the fire, the damage can be considerable. Smoke damage and burned items is just the beginning. If the fire is significant enough to have a fire response, i.e., the fire department was called to the scene, it is likely that many items will be drenched and ruined. It is important to contact your insurance company right away; as well as calling for remediation services, which will handle the clean out and cleanup the damage. Beyond fire and water damage, there may also be broken windows to contend with as well as holes cut in the roof.


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