As a homeowner, you want to make sure that hiring contractors to do work on your house is done correctly by the most qualified professionals. It's important to know that any improvements or repairs made are in safe and reliable hands. But how can you be certain of this? With so many choices available for different services, making an educated decision as a consumer about who should handle your home projects requires due diligence. From researching background references and qualifications to interviewing prospective candidates and being aware of potential pitfalls—asking these 11 questions before signing the check will help ensure that the contractors you hire have what it takes to get your job done right!

We've gone ahead and answered each of these questions.

What do you charge for your services and what is included in the quote?
Our company is committed to transparency in all of our services, and that includes clear communication on cost. We provide a customized quote for each customer based on the scope and scale of their project. Our pricing is fixed, so customers know exactly what they are paying from the beginning. Changes go through a quoted change request so that you fully understand the impact of a desired update. Generally, we base our cost estimates on the number of hours it will take us to complete the work, the amount of staff needed for the job, plus any additional costs such as materials or resources necessary to complete the job. We strive to find a balance between affordability and quality while delivering exceptional service every time. Here at Green Restoration & Reconstruction, we have extensive experience working on Insurance Claim rebuilds and know just how essential it is to quickly and accurately assess the costs of repairs.

How long will it take to complete the job, and are there any obstacles that could affect that timeline?
Knowing how quickly a job can be completed is important for planning purposes, and any potential obstacles can cause delays. To get an accurate estimate on completion time, it's best to take the time to carefully review the project and consider what issues could arise that could potentially derail progress. Factors such as available resources, technical difficulties, and external influences are all factors to consider when estimating the timeline to complete a job. Depending on the location or nature of the job itself, the weather may also play a part. With this thought process in mind, together, we can arrive at a reasonable timeline while also allowing some flexibility to adjust should unexpected issues arise.

Do you have current certifications and insurance coverage to protect both of us if something goes wrong?
Working with certifications and insurance coverage gives both of us peace of mind during the job. I have checked all my credentials, ensuring that all insurances and certificates are up to date and compliant. This way, if something were to go awry, no one is left in the lurch while any legal proceedings take place. I always make sure to double-check that I'm fully covered so that you can feel confident in my abilities and our working relationship as a whole.

Are there any fees or additional costs we should be aware of before hiring you?
Generally speaking, there should be no additional fees associated with hiring a contractor. There can be surprises in any project. It's important to know how your contractor will deal with eventualities that may arise, such as discovering hidden architectural or safety issues. At Green Restoration & Reconstruction, we maintain an open line of communication from the beginning of the project to the end.

Can I see samples of your work before deciding to move forward with the project?
Absolutely! We understand that without seeing examples of our work, it can be difficult to commit to a project. To make the process easier for potential clients, we always like to show off our portfolio upfront. This allows people to get a good feel for what working with us will look and feel like. With hundreds of successful projects under our belt, you can rest assured knowing that your project will be in good hands. If you are looking for quality work that is backed by many years of experience, then look no further than us.

Who will be working on the project, and what experience do they have with similar projects in the past?
At Green Restoration & Reconstruction, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge when it comes to Insurance Claim rebuilds and home improvement projects alike, and we know just how important it is to accurately assess the costs involved. We understand that every project is different and strive to provide tailored solutions that meet your individual needs. With certifications, insurance coverage, samples of work available for review, and an experienced team ready to tackle any job - you can trust us for all your restoration needs!

Will I need to provide materials or are these included in your services?
Some construction companies rely on homeowners for materials. At Green Restoration & Reconstruction, we include all necessary materials in our quote.

How often will progress reports be provided during the course of a job?
Constant and consistent communication is a cornerstone principle in our business. We believe in full transparency at every stage of the project. This helps both your family and our crew, know exactly what to expect during each day of the project.

Is there an option for payment plans if applicable - either installments or deferred payments over time once my project is finished?
We make it tremendously easy to obtain financing for your project. Click here!

What happens if unforeseen issues arise during a job, such as hidden architectural or safety problems that require additional resources and/or labor hours outside of our initial agreement?  At Green Restoration & Reconstruction, we understand that unexpected circumstances can arise during a project. Whether it be hidden architectural or safety problems, we will assess and thoroughly evaluate the matter to determine what resources are necessary for completion. We prioritize communication throughout the entire process—from start to finish—and view transparency as essential when establishing successful projects with clear expectations on both sides. Before proceeding further with any additional costs or changes in terms, we discuss all details first with our customers.