Oh, the beauty of the changing seasons, the heat of summer leaving on the cooling breezes of Autumn. Except when those breezes turn to winds that get carried away and do damage to your roof and home.

Straight-line winds of 50-60 miles per hour are considered damaging winds. These winds can not only strip shingles from your roof, but also damage soffits among other issues.


To protect your home, you need to be aware of potential threats:

  • Make sure your doors and windows are securely fitted.
  • Secure your roof, check for loose shingles which can then also become projectiles.
  • Ensure your garage door is in good condition.
  • Check your trees for loose or failing branches.
  • Store anything that might become airborne, including the pool slide, children’s play equipment and lawn furniture.

No one thinks about it, but windows are designed to withstand pressure up to certain point before breaking. And while on occasion it will be simply wind pressure breaking a window, more than likely it will be a projectile hitting the window that causes it to break.

Wind speeds can cause different damages:

  • At 45 to 57mph: Wind can cause loose shingles to break off or cause loss of granules, the sandpaper-like part of the shingle.
  • At 58 to 74 mph: Wind can toss entire tree limbs or uproot trees. Rip off well anchored shingles and damage chimneys.
  • At 75 mph or more: This when significant damage is going to happen regardless of precautions taken.

Due to the damage wind can cause, there is also the possibility of leaking inside the home. If either the fascia or the soffits are damaged due to wind this can cause leaking inside the home. The fascial and the soffits are both required for a stable roof and gutter.

After assessing the damages, you want to talk to a company that knows how to make your home whole. You want a company that knows how to talk to your insurance company about reconstruction services as well as a company that will listen to YOU for how you want the remodel to go. Green Restoration and Reconstruction is the company for you. They have years of experience in remodeling and expertise in dealing with the parameters of what is your insurance and staying within budget.

Being prepared for the worst is being proactive against it. Having the right insurance coverage and the right team to assist in making things right again is a peace of mind worth having. Green Reconstruction and Remodeling is the right company for your family to make the worst of times better.